Decision Games and VASSAL

Some recent news:
We now have three Vassal modules being reviewed and should be ready for play testing starting the week of 25 Aug. We are seeking Vassal player volunteers to participate in our testing program. The requirements are to play the game at least three times to completion over a 4-week period and report in weekly on your progress and your results. Obviously, at this stage with map and counters printed, we are most concerned with the rules and insuring we have made them as clear and error free as possible. If you’d like to be a Vassal play tester (or a physical copy tester!), send an e-mail to Doc with the game title you are most interested in and a back-up choice along with your contact info.

Atlantic Wall is still in the works (apparently Chris is working his way through the bocage of counters). We’re working on the next three DG box games: Wellington’s Victory, Alamo to Appomattox, and Campaign for North Africa – these will be announced on the What’s New page when they are ready for play testers.

We have also been receiving additional modules for review and we will be adding them to our Vassal page.


Soooo… play CfNA in 4 weeks.. 3 times? These almost sound like they are AI assisted. But surely not.
What testing is required past the testing of ‘custom’ game specific buttons?
It is not April 1st.
I am confused.
If you know more please post a comment.

One thought on “Decision Games and VASSAL

  1. Given how many give up on CNA rather than play it, one per week seems about right.

    Anything that gets DG off the “no vassal” train is good, though.

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