Days of Villainy

DOV-1LNLP busting out some modern LNLP goodness.  Expanding upon the LOF magazine and PnP scenarios designed awhile back, this mini module has custom maps  adapted from All things Zombie and a full sheet of counters.

Some other new ideas are being explored at LNLP also, that will make game play more accessible and elegant for many of the current systems and expand play ability.

The level of refinement in new items coming from LNLP is encouraging. Here is what I see:

A refinement around artwork, improved rule book print quality, larger fonts on charts and tables (nice for older eyes), larger fonts in the rule books and the print quality of the counters had improved a lot.

I do however want my Heroes of the Pacific please! I just got off the phone with David Heath, he told me that all Pre Orders for Heroes of the Pacific will have a special bonus in them. I wont spoil the surprise just yet.

If I receive a test copy of this bonus I will share and we can have an open discussion about it. It will be sure to generate some discussion.

2015-06-05 17.35.55

While I had David on the phone we talked at length about trying new things with OOP titles, adjusting for instance how the Heroes of the Gap map is printed, so that it is more wieldly, they already intend to remove all the overlays from other LNL titles and provide a specific map for that overlay. There are other plans afoot to adjust maps for some series and add game enhanced tools as well.


Just arrived this afternoon:

2015-06-05 17.35.09

oops a bit blurry

So I guess its available now!

2015-06-05 17.36.20

Scaled the same as the Zombie title, these are bigger hexes. Nice. Might be cool to see more LNL maps with larger hexes? What do you think?


Now ship my HoP! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Days of Villainy

  1. I also have been waiting several years now for “Heroes of the Pacific”. “Mare Nostrum” is also on that long wait list.

  2. Now that I’ve learned via your blog about the change of ownership at LnL, I should take the next step and see what they’ve been up to lately. I bought an original Heroes of the Gap years back and liked it, have always wanted to try more of that system.

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