Dawns Early Light [1]

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The Argentine Army upon orders from the Government are to attack British Sovereign soil. A weak thinly veiled attempt at uniting an inflation ravaged, poor country behind the flag via war.

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In the wee hours of the morning April 2nd 1982 Special Forces Commandos and Amphbios units attack the barracks of the Royal Marines.

Historically the Barracks and Government House were over run and the Brits, barely fired a shot.

Must have been some sort of sniveling  “want to be” officer type from Guisborough who was banished from the Albion Isle ! No doubt he spent more time playing lawyer at Government House than he did soldiering. Imagine if all of UK was populated by such as that?

With an Aussie in Command lets show the Brits how the could have held on!! ;).

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This scenario has some choices to be made early on. Crossing the maps in good order without being blown apart by LAWS etc, is key, then closing the distance up the hill into Government House is a daunting prospect. The 3 chits  in the picture above are the Royal Marine Barracks, they will be easy enough to take, most likely. The Government house is in the far corner topmost of the picture above. Unit dispositions below.

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The Argentine commandos come ashore cautiously despite the lack of light. Missing a key opportunity to literally rush the Barracks.

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It is easy to be bogged down here in the capture of the Barracks, then with Snipers etal, the AR team needs some luck. With the Sniper in play the  Hero is wounded, squads are shaken and it all goes to hell in a hand basket quickly.

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Most of the Royal Marines use a d8 on their fire rolls. That is a sign of marksmanship for ya! The Commando whilst bogged down in the large Red building, close with little in the way of casualties, they have not paved the way for Amphios!!  The first LPTV is blown quickly along with crew and one squad. The second is shot at by the LAW which misses. The Squad then fires its weapons (small arms) at the LPTV. Shakes it! Buttoned and failing its morale check it cannot even overrun the Sniper. A disaster.

In this scenario the Brits hang up the AR team long enuff to fight to a draw. Which for the Brits given they surrendered in real life is not a bad result. At least they are achieving more than they are today in Afghanistan!!

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OK….Well clearly I am going to need to replay that one.  The Brits did a good job of fowling up the Argentine attack, which was too slow off the mark and too heavy on the Barracks.

I think next time the AR Hero and a squad with an MG for for the Royal Marine Barracks, slowly and carefully, so as to tie up those units.

Then we send the rest of the AR commandos on cross country, attempt to avoid LOS, and the sneaky sniper. Then close in on the Government House location.

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The challenge will be to secure fire lanes and suppress the Marines in the GH, so the LPTV’s can make a dash for a close assault drop off.

IF the Brits choose the same up stairs configuration this adds complications. For two reasons. Firstly the LOS extension, having a LAW and a 1d8 roller with an MG 2 levels up on a hill is bad business for any approaching units.

There really is not time enough to pop smoke ( or wait to be successful popping smoke). Secondly the LOS issues are complicated by upstairs downstairs mode.   The AR units cannot “see” the RM upstairs if they are adjacent and the reverse is also true.

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Closing means having enough movement points to exit the vehicle, enter the building AND go up a flight of stairs, whilst surviving Opp Fire upon exit of the vehicle, and going up the stairs.

Being that close gives a lot of modifiers for each team. The Hero may actually be best used as I think about it here near GH – adding its 1to the right shift on the Melee table.  I think we have all seen enough youtube video of door to door and house to house fighting to know that this is a maneuver fraught with danger. Close order combat is a mean spirited, bloody work.

On a minor note I wonder why rooftop drops are not on the agenda for LNL? Or roof top movement?  Any one know?

Lets go see what happens. Dawns Early Light 2 on its way!

4 thoughts on “Dawns Early Light [1]

    • this was the entire scenario. Part 2 was a replay. The video captures a lot and the AAR ends if you read all the way down. The trick for the Arg player is to rush the landing forces to the objective ASAP in vehicles. Let a small force attack the inplace units in town. The Brits must place to block a cross country run or a highway /road run. They must accept some heavy losses. This one is about time. Have the last guy upstairs and a out of harms way, you win. Be up front and engage you likely lose if the ARG player get to the objective.

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