Dawns Early Light

Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm

I’m considering flanking, to the North when the reinforcements arrive, and keeping him bogged down with one of the lower moral regiments in the south.

The majority of VP’s are in the South however and I wonder if there will be time to get the forces around and over the bridges…?

I don’t see an end time for this scenario…I wonder how long I’ve got to maneuver?


After an hour of battle and probing I have frittered away Helos…..he positioned much further forward than I thought and the system eliminated a LOT of the recon force. I think he has a strong forward defense….Which means we might be able to get behind somewhere????

I’m standing off with the 3/40th and this is confusing him. Schlierbach has both bridge blown so I’m concerned about wether to bum rush for a river crossing..head south, or sneak off North with them too.

So 1/40th in the south will seek to engage in the obstacles and minefields. Avoiding the mines is key, you just lose way too much shit for no gain. He has not dropped any arty yet, I was hoping he would as I had all forces on Counter battery!

Forces need to move carefully. I was reckless with the Hinds early. I did not think he would be so far forward.

I did not see the action up here… damn it. I lost some units, but to what? How strong? Where?

Reinforcements arrive!

More to come

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