DAK2 7.4 March ’41

Overview @ start of March:

March 1941 DAK2 _ 7.4 Compass.

In the back field:

1st of March

Losses to date:

Allies/Clear, Malta -1SP. Withdrawal for  Greece 2xInf Bde + 1 Inf. Bn. Supply by Med is 4 per turn and 1 intercoastal for the month. A19.35 becomes a Source of Trace Supply.  Secondary Roads are now eligible also for our dear Wogs.  Finally Bug Buq and Sidi Biranni ‘treasure’ is released.

Off the bat the Allies use the extra supply to pounce on the Italians.  @ Bardia. 17^4 against 4 ^1 in a 2 HH in the Salt Marsh (Close Terrain), the Allies attack drops to 11^4 with just a 15% chance of attacker fatalities.  DL2 e3!!! Boom Bardia is closed. In the exploit phase O’Connor overruns and takes the port. Bardia has fallen to the Allies. The men, dusty and tired quench their thirst with well earned ales.

The Italian turns sees them reporting the disaster direct to Rommel due to an over sight Rommel did not fly in rather he took the scenic route…ahem. We fix this after about the 3rd trip back to Sicily due to random events.

5th March

Allies raid another Airfield, taking a step. A minor error is discovered with the # of uits withdrawn for Greece. This is corrected in the Allies favor.

Italian focus is on supply.


Italians focus on Air Superiority and supply, the Allies asses their options.

12th Greek Campaign Auto roll occurs and now the Allies can begin to roll for the END of WDL’s!!! The Royal Navy takes out a Port factor in Tobruk.Axis approach Bir el Gubi. The Allies realise their exposure and pull back a little toward Gabor Saleh.


Axis repair port during the Sandstorm turn. Allied reinforcements weather the storm in Alexandria and load up supplies.


the Aussie 9th XX arrives replacing the 6AUS leaving! O’conner uses his forces carefully but is eager to stomp on some o fthe smaller screening Italian forces. He eliminates 2 units.


Allies advance, taking advantage of a back to back turn. They move 6t forward and conduct two attacks, neither goes well. The Italians and Rommels men attempt to draw attention to the South, whilst fully intending to press thru the Capuzzo highway to Bardia, through 4th Indian.

The Hipshoot fails!, plan B. Instead Rommel attack 3RTR. 12^4 vs 4^2, obtaining a Ao1/DL1o1 Rommel throws his weight in also!


Axis forces lose an SP, but pick up a PAX and EQ for the Italians.

Arriete Division conducts an overrun! smashing O’conner and the 6th RTR. O’conner is dead. Rommel now attacks the forces along the Capuzzo Escarpement. The Road to Bardia is open. In the Allied turn they remove another Brigade.


Allies win Init!!!! and Sandstorms strike. Using the swirling sands as cover the Allies pull back. The Axis take advantage of the weather in their turn also. the swing South and  drive hard. KG Marcks enters the field.

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