DAK2 7.4 June 1941


June 1st.

The enitire map..what a disaster. Can the C’wealth reform?

Sandstorms onMap A slow the German reinforcement and SP movement.However Stratfor is over run by 3AUFK. Ae4 DL1o2. Axis push hard to kill of Brits. The Allies hand tough.


Rommel goes to Berlin, and Clear weather.

5th LE sweep South toward Bir Dignash and head for Bit Khamsa.

Germans plan to press South while keeping 15th Pzr central. Hoping to stretch the Commonwealth forces.

Allies will fall back on Mersa if pressed too hard.

8th Flieger becomes active, June 8th Barbarossa. Axis bring LE to bear near Khamsa supported by Air strikes. Elements of Lindau KG press toward the Stratfor Gott position South of Sidial Sabil.. Allies pull some reserve forces into support DG units.

The Allies drop back…


Sandstorms cover part of the retreat!


Running hard, but low on Supply, Rommels men have to pause.

Gather force and SP over the next turn or so they press forward, while the Allies build a line at Charing Cross.

19th of June

The Line extends south to Bir Talab using HH and escarpments.

The 2nd and 6th NZ Divisions fortify 37.05 off the escarpment. 1st SA moves to relieve the battered forces South of Qasaba.

Germans organize for the next push.

22nd Sandstorm on all maps.

Brigade returns for the C’wealth.

Allies reinforce Mersa and bring new reinforcements online, with good pax rolls.

Malta shipping takes a blow and -2SP is incurred.

A desperate lunge to trap forces.



15th Pzr sneaks past to block the escarpment to Mersa.

Germans feed off the map to stay in Trace!

Take a gamble with one Attrition roll and make it!

Ugh……what are the ALLIES doing!!!!

The common wealth stumble from one disaster to the next.



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