DAK2 7.4 July

Situation at start of July.

Strung out lines.

Axis establish a dump at Bir el Kenayis.

Hipshots mostly fail, losing an step in the process. One hipshoot kills off the Aussie 9th.

15th Pzr fuels up and attacks , the Ariete unit is killed. Rest of 15th advances near Sidi anesh

British counter with air, and survive attrition rolls.

Aussies counter attack. Sth Africans loses surprise and drop a step!

July 5th


Rommel attacks 1st SA. Knocks a step, next attack they lose a step and Germans retreat. SA move to retake the pass.

Axis prepare to go ALL IN on the attack across the pass in the south. 15th and LE advance and in the Allied reaction phase

Allies react and move support up and barrage enemy units. DG Rommel & LE. CAmbell moves up to the escarpment to pressure western flank.


15th Attacks, the Allies take a 2 step loss to hold the hex (dl1/01). Axis lose 104 III.

8th of July

Axis get init! 2PAX and 1 Eq. The Axis scamble to move supply forward, start using air drops. Rommel, heedless to the situation pummels the South Escarpment. Goes ammo exhausted with his men.

5th SA is killed off and 5th NZ also drops in a nasty overrun.

6SA is attacked next, DL1.

Allies pull back.

Sandstorms hit. Month rolls out.





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