DAK2 7.4 Jan ‘1941


1st of January,

Jan 1 1941

Jan 1 1941

Allies press hard after the rains, isolate stragglers and target Maletti’s stack. 3Med is destroyed in combat as 4th Indian and 8th Hussars combine.

Maletti moves in reaction phase and O’Connor counters this in the Exploit phase, overrunning the nearby Brs unit.1-41-2013-03-21 14.01.37

Axis situation is one of slow but steady withdrawal, leaving weak screening units to tempt the Allies to fight.

Jan - Maletti

Jan – Maletti

5th January

The Royal Navy bombards Tobruk,this time reducing the port by one, which has no effect of shipping capacity. With the initiative the Italians use the 2 turns in a row to consolidate their withdrawal and have a focused defense of Tobruk/Bardia /Sollum.

The Allies attempt to push 6AUS around Wadi ash Sciaaba and a attack Bir el Gubi from the west!  The 32nd GAF III  is destroyed by them. Elements of 7th A take out the MG Bn.

8th January

1-41-2013-03-21 16.09.34

Clear weather and -1SP for the Axis… life is good! But 1 AC Bn withdraws.

2nd Armoured goes to SB .

7A breaches the ga! Paving the way for the 4th IND to take Gasr Arid air strip on the Capuzzo Escarpment. Now Bardia and Sollum only have one road open to Tobruk, plus port access of course.


O’Connor goes thru and Gott goes deep to Bir Hachiem.

2013-03-22 11.27.24

The AUS 6th Div. attempt to encircle Maletti. But dam it low supplies! Only 2T left in MM. 5t on the board.. Crud how did that happen. The Axis lose Lib Op XXXX and 21st Light tanks. Their forces align around  ports. Due to restricted shipping across the Med, forces pile up in Sicily.

12th January

Allies pick up initiative again and another 1SP is lost on Med shipping for the Axis.

The Royal Navy Bombard Tobruk – No effect. The Allies resort to pulling supply all the way from Alexandria. All the while building up some supplies in MM for transfer up field.

2013-03-22 12.00.04

2A moves onto Hafid Ridge unopposed. 3rd Hussars capture Bir el Harmat. The momentum is swinging towards the Allies, but the may not be able to capitalize on this!

7th RTR overruns the MG Bn blocking to way and 17th Bde reinforces Gott up in Bir Hachiem.

The Italians see the writing on the way but deign to hang on. Sollum is closed, Bardia and Tobruk shuffle to optimize their chances.

15th of January dawns another sunny day. The Allies suffer no withdrawals, and fail t0 interdict Med shipping this turn. But they do achieve a LRDG raid on an airstrip….to no affect.

2013-03-22 12.01.17

Italians sweep the hurricanes and local air clear.

19th of January. Allies lose an Organic truck to withdrawals. Each side agrees to simulcast to end January.

Simulcast to End of Jan

Simulcast to End of Jan

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