DAK2 7.4 April


Losses for Commonwealth to date:



clear W./ Rommel to Rome.

Axis move aggressively to shift S/W to SE. press a strike on 3rd Indian and 2nd RTR – inflict a step loss.

Axis develop a ring around the Allies.

5th -8th

Allies begin to pull back, and develop a line, with the help of a double turn. Allies use their reaction phase to support rear echelons near El Bgur.


Sand Storm.


Sand storm

19th Clear – Axis.

Axis move to the west of Dignash. Allies continue to improve unit mix for defense. Concerned if Allies push on Bardia.


Suez is mined, clear weather, one more Inf. Brigade goes to Greece..OMG.


Axis DG units a line Bir el Chiragat road. (3) Axis lose 3 units un attacks. Rommel escapes death barely and a shocking turn for the Axis, with 3 steps lost due to -6 rolls for surprise…


Greek Campaign terminates.

Axis move thru Halfaya Pass. And close the road to Sidi Birrani. 7th Armoured tries to blow a hole for pocketed units. AL101/Do1. NO RELIEF! Trace rolls are a disaster. [we do a rewind here and allow Commonwealth to correct their oversight on movement…..

29th Rommel heads to Sicily.25th Mg Bn moves to Sollum and captures 2t…..Allies heads spin.



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