Current crop of wargame magazines

Note I do not deal with awesome older OOP magazines such as Fire and Movement, Victory Games 7-8 issues or the venerable General. Happy to cover those also at some point.

One thought on “Current crop of wargame magazines

  1. Nice video. I recently picked up four titles which I had no acquaintance with. Yaah! #3, CounterFact #1, Special Op’s #2, and Paper Wars #78. It was a pleasant experience since I used to have a big draw to magazines with games and even folios.
    In fact at least three maybe all four I had the chance to see in some detail from your videos maybe not the exact issue but the publication overall. Thank you.
    I have yet to experience C3i or Line of Fire, the certain ones that contain a full game. Line of Fire I believe would be 12 & 13 and certain C3i’s.
    As for product of foreign publishers I have one issue of Alea and if you include Battles Magazine I also have one issue. ATO if you include that I have 8 issues. There is product from France, Poland, China, Japan and more that I hope to acquire. (with English translations for the games of course)
    I do have the first issue of the new Ares Magazine (OSS).

    My magazine/game collection as of this time is..
    Panzershreck 14 & 15 the two professional issues with unpunched counters.
    Command Magazine 28 issues
    The Wargamer 18 issues (with games vol.1)
    S&T 103 issues
    World at War 18 issues
    Modern War 10 issues
    Ares (SPI) 7 issues
    Battlefield 1 issue
    Counter Attack 3 issues + the 4.1 issue
    Game Fix 2 issues
    I have 26 folios
    About 21 small box, pocket, micro type games.

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