Crocus Fields

Field or Plain…..? Who knows. But it starts like this. In 353 B.C.

Two lines opposed each other:

Nicanor on the left flanks, well trained and organized Phalanxzes in the middle, and more troops in a line on the right led by Phillip with his Hypasists.

Phillip and the guys:

Athens and the Phocian forces face off against the nascent Phillip. As mentioned in previous posts some of this action is a direct result of the fighting as a result of the Third Sacred War. Politics and Religion used as the club to lay claim to land and riches via conquest of the righteous.

Who is right or wrong in this case really does not matter. What does matter is that Phillip is on a mission. Hegemony.

I do not think that this battle will have a lot to show for it unless the Athenians get a little lucky.

The opening moves see the powerful Agrian skirmishers advance and pressure the LW of A&P (Athens& Phocians)

On Phillip s left Nicanor is aggressive with cavalry attacks and combines arms attacks of the Lighter horse and Javelin armed forces.

Pressing back the A&P flank, as it crumbles under the weight of Spears and Hooves. the line crumbles and fractures….

On Phillip’s Right the effort is a little more restrained, as the Heavy Cavalry Campanions and forces prepare the Athenians for the charge of the Hypasists!

They strike the Athenian hard and crush the Hoplites in front of them. The deadly, long Sarissa no match for the shorter weapons of the Athenian.

This results in Hoplites breaking and running, leaving the rear of a formation exposed to Trouble.

Over on Phillips Left the Peltasts, light Cavalry and heavy Cav have done their job. The line no longer exists!

At 75 Rout Points to 7. The Athenian General glances at the PHocian General.. They tip helms to each other and flee the field!

Well we have a few more contacts to do before we transition to the end of Phillips time. I do think tho that I will take a break here from this Ancients series as it has become a tad predictable. Some more reading is required on how to counter what has become a historically accurate but predictable outcome in most battles.

If your forces have sufficent screening and you can engage first on the flanks with Cavalry, this allows penetration to the rear quickly. The unwieldy Hoplites or Phalanx cannot adjust to meet this challenge without exposing their rears to the Sarrissa of the Macedonians. Ouch.

The Macedonian fighting style as portrayed here is daunting and a wonderful example of innovation in tactics and technology, leveraging combined arms in possibly the first real way in Ancient History.

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