Covering Force Scn 1

US 2nd Armoured Regiment screen the elements of Warsaw PACT 6th Guard Tank Division launching from East E.Germany on Day 0.

2016-02-20 14.40.58

The Soviets are on an aggressive timetable, tasked with passing thru to the Bamburg Bridges (T22) at the confluence of the Main and Regnitz rivers.

2016-02-20 14.41.15

US /NATO setup limits are shown below by yellow blocks. The Green line shows us the East Germany border.


Red block is the VP collection point for the PACT!


US forces with Air Defense forces allocated and F-16’s and A-10 warthogs in support.


2016-02-20 14.51.46

Soviets have two Regiments 1 x Motorized Rifle Regiment  (22nd Guard) and 1x Tank Regiment  (51st Guard Regiment) with T-80s. Not to mention flights of MiG 29 and Su 25  aircraft.


2016-02-20 16.12.25


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A few videos and a further report on Turn 1 which is now complete.

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