CounterFact 004 Giveaway

Some time in the next 5-10 days I’ll be live streaming several times, all live streams will be announced right here!! – Stay tuned. 
Comment, share, re tweet etc….earn chances to win : Counterfact Magazine Issue 004.
With the Ty Bomba What if game on the Rhineland crisis in 1936. Loads of white hot interesting articles. It is their best edition yet.
Retail value $26.00 + Free Shipping in USA or paid international.
Winners drawn from comments [log your name and email or facebook/twitter handle on the blog]  posted @ – for the live streams.
-N.B. Comments posted here on the blog page count. Shares via Twitter, YT or Facebook count for 1 entry also.
Each meaningful comment on each unique stream for Objective Moscow is eligible for the draw and each share earns you one entry.  So a Re tweet, a comment here and a share on facebook on just one of the live streams would earn you 3 chances to win!
All streams will be able to be watched later on YT or catch them as they go live here.
2016-08-22 23.13.37
Conditions and fine print:
I reserve the right to cancel for any reason.
The Draw requires a minimum of ten unique real names to be a valid draw, otherwise it is cancelled.

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