Counter Fact Issue 002

This edition of Counter Fact strikes a deeper, richer more interesting chord for me.
Perhaps it is reader bias as David Huges lights up the first article with a superb even handed and gracious review of Leipzig, the title of Zucker’s oft reprinted Napoleons Library of Battle game.

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The fact the he so articulately identifies all of the glaring weaknesses of the game system AND the specific titles victory condition flaws that really prevent you from having the historical experience helped me realize I am not completely alone in being disappointed with this system.  David is gracious in the end citing that the games map can be used as a living map for reading accounts of the battle. One thing for sure tho with the game is that it is some fun. David clearly enjoyed the experience but it failed his agreed success criteria established with Kevin Zucker.

The Strafexpedition gets a look over by David Newport. the designer has a rebuttal comments piece, I like that style of Fire and Movement magazine article writing.

Jim Werbaneth treats us to a historical analysis of the Battle of the Coral Sea. Which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Then we have Jon Comptons article…I’l just share this its mind boggling Shimon Naveh in another marketplace would be declared a nonsense. Its like:

The magazine wraps up its wordy but highly visual and excellently executed edition with a contrarian piece on Schlieffen. The ONE and ONLY.. NOT ANY……Andy Nunez does another really solid job. I enjoy his writing style.

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