Coral Sea Phase 4

Japanese lands troops in Guadalcanal.

Then swiftly moves its fleet out of harms way.

2014-08-17 19.22.27


The US sends one ship (LS) back to gather resources.

The rest power on to make an amphibious assault against the tough Japs.

The Japs take 3 Battle chits per ’round’ the US 1.

2014-08-17 19.31.10


the 164th is battered on the beach and depleted. US air does no good, but a ‘willful ‘ attack by the Japs does the trick punishing the Americans.



2014-08-17 19.50.03


The 2nd landing regiment is also depleted by another fierce attack.

2014-08-17 19.52.45

It looks like I got things out of order – fear not all is well.

However the US forces suffer a DG and RETREAT to the ships!

2014-08-17 20.02.29


With just one regiment fighting for its life on the beaches, the US soldiers marshal themselves and attack, both sides roll.

The Japs suffer a DG. The US rolls a 1!

The Japanese retreat. Victory for the US.

2014-08-17 20.06.10

The Japanese have picked up 6VP. Nothing has happened on the South Western portion of the map yet tho. 2014-08-17 20.08.48

3 thoughts on “Coral Sea Phase 4

    • TETT. Too Early To Tell…The rules are just poxy written, the dude re writing them has taken it the other direction and made them a bit too verbose for me. But at least his are well worded. The Resources and how they limit you will drive your plan and your success. So lots to consider each turn. Not a good solo game (CDG)/ blind bidding on some things etc.

  1. I actually like leaving my fleet at Guadalcanal. The reason why is that if you control the sea, you can retreat there in ground combat. If you cannot, you are destroyed.
    More importantly, though, is that if the Allies bring in an invasion force, when you put hits on the naval units, you take the same hit on an accompanying ground force. That means the first “depleted” results depletes a ground force also. I like to soften up the ground forces for the landing. The Japanese marine units are tough to beat. They have high tactical values and those $%#@ bunker chits that subtract two from their cohesion rolls. If you soften up the invading force, they are toast.
    That is the reason, also, why the Allies need to get on Guadalcanal A.S.A.P. and build an air strip. The Japanese don’t get those bunker chits on offense.
    I’m fine letting my Japanese ships take some hits and go back to port to repair, so long as I can hold Guadalcanal longer. As the Japanese, I take as much as I can quickly and then burn up the cards and try to end the game.

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