4 thoughts on “Coordination and SNAFU rolls

  1. Hello Kevin,

    Three comments.
    1. Are you counting the Game Specific SNAFU DRMs? On GTs 16-18Dec the Germans have +1 SNAFU DRM. On 16-17Dec the Allies have -2DRM.

    2. Coordination caused by HQs within 2 hexes of a unit from another friendly formation only occurs when the HQ moves. Just being located within 2 hexes of another Formation’s unit does not cause Coordination until the HQ actually moves.

    3. In the video you show both 99ID and 2ID HQ as Coordinated. There is a game specific rule in the LB Rules that defines the concept of ‘Buddies’. If two formations are Buddies they do not apply Coordination, Mixed Formation, or Crossing the Streams SNAFU DRMs to each other.

    As always good video and it discusses a central concept, SNAFU, to the BCS system.

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