Contact! (TCS – Matanikau)

We’re finally into the meat of it now! For those wondering about TCS and LOS it can be a bit challenging but not in the way you might imagine. For me, my play is solitaire so it isn’t hard for me to decide upon the “how” with LOS, as I might see happening FTF, but rather in finding good shots/etc. Matanikau is not helping with all the dense jungle. Here you can see the Marines taking heavy fire as they try to gain a vantage point to help cover their advance.




The Marines call in some air support!


And the other two highlights; the first break in the IJF defense comes but the Marines are suppressed and unable to capitalize! And we also have our first Banzai charge, courtesy of the 105mm artillery called in.



Here is the battle overview as we move into the 0900 turn of September 26th, 1942.


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