Consentia Part 3

In Part 2 we read that some of the Brutti force routed as they literally bounced off of the Phalanx! Here they are, fleeing. It is around this time that Alexander returns and begins to close in on the rear of the Brutti. Sotimus sees this chaos in the Bruttian rear and charges the enemy despite being somewhat disordered himself. The enemy rout right into Alexander.

The Phalanx forces and Heavy Infantry battle up hill, taking losses and inflict the same against the robust Medium Infantry of the tribes.

Sotimus struggles to gain momentum. Much now rests on his ability to effectively use the  Epirote units on this left wing.

Rout Points 60/44

Alexander and his cav sweep around the left avoiding further pursuit, and begin battering the enemy.

The harsh light shows that on Alexander’s right all is not well. The Light and Medium forces rip the Tarentine recruits to bits. The Apuli force the Phalanx to rout!

50/72 !!!

The battle swings again.

Rout Points 

Back on the left a lucky break forces 2 weaker enemy units to rout, collapsing the line.

Scattered isolated pockets of fighting continue everywhere. The decisive blow happens as Alexander closes.

Finally enough of Alexanders cav get around  and into the rear.


Retreating over each other the hard pressed Ligurians collapse!

Sailing close to the wind the Phalanx forces press the advantage hoping to minimize losses but finally shove the enemy from the crest.

The Apuli chief refuses to quit! In 3 attacks he forces the Phalanx to break, but one of his Mediums routs. Rutlius activates and being forced to shock does so. All the attacks fail and this combined with retreat hits forces their elimination.

Soon however enough forces are streaming to the rear to warrant a rout Point tally by both sides. Alexander pulls out a close fought win.

81/72 the Brutti resign as their ability to inflict damage is all but exhausted.


Consentia lies ready for the sacking.


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