Consentia Part 2

Lets pick up the action from our last post.

The higher quality Brutti light infantry rushing downhill cause a fair bit of mayhem amongst the Tarentines as they struggle to contain the rush of men. Minno, and his stolid phalanx slowly approaches to try and steady the line. However the Bruttian Cavalry dash themselves to pieces against the Heavy Epirote horse.

Rout Points: E:15 / B: 20

The surprise advance has caught the Epirotes flat footed!

Minnio calls upon his heavy infantry to attack at the gap in the Brutti line.

The afternoon wears on, and the slower moving left flank approaches the steep hill were the Chief calmly waits. Minnios battle rages on.

On the right, more bad news. the Heavy infantry are repulsed by the Bruttian allies and pushed down the hill! The adjustment to tackle the Right Wing appears to be going awry.

The Apuli chief has several units now adjacent to the long spears of the Phalanx, they combine to attack (as they must), and this causes a massive disruption as the enemy break upon the Phalanx. The Apulian Chief watches his men flee!

Rout Points: 27/20

The thunder of hooves can be heard in the distance.

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