Magna Graecia : Battle of Consentia 333BC

Only this Brutti army stands in the way of Alexander’s men looting the township on the hill.

The Brutti have chosen excellent terrain in order to have the tactical advantage against the Epirote forces.

Alexander’s  skirmishers , advance to test the will to fight of the Brutti.

Some are more prepared to fight than others. Alexander then presses forward himself with his cavalry.

Bruttians and allies, quickly flee the field! Horses gallop wildly. Alexander presses the attack routing all before him [seizure]. Some of his cav head off map in pursuit. The Brutti Chieftain notes this and uses it as a reason to counter attack

He also peels back his Left Wing to protect it from marauding cav there also. The Right of Alexander is under severe pressure.

The new Tarentine men are being pressed back and down the hill.

Both sides are heavily engaged.

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