Concepts in order of Utilization

Documenting the  (see link for previous post) Concepts in order of Utilization , some folks wanted me to document these or transcribe them. So here they are for your cut and paste pleasure:

the last blitzkrieg
1. MSR Main Supply Route

a. HQ to Combat Train can be of infinite length. But optimal length is 5-15 hexes
b. The Combat Train then connects to a supply source or supply map edge source it too is of infinite length. The only issue to be aware of and concerned about is crossing streams (10.2d)

2. Combat Trains. – Legal hexes. So the progression from Supply source, to Combat Train to HQ to where they then place OBJ chits is all intertwined. As the radius stretching out from the HQ varies by HQ type/quality and this impacts your ‘optimal or effective’ area of operations.

3. SNAFU rolls are the means by which you determine how many Objective chits you will receive for the activated formation.

4. Objectives – The allocated number of Objectives are placed on the board (if you desire to conduct most types of combat) and these create Objective Zones (a 2 hex area around the OBJ Hex) Another means to create an OBJ Hex is via Recon (4.3d) during the turn.

5. Coordination with HQ – closeness to another formation (2 hex range) This impacts several factors also.
6. Command formations [4.1] Radius for normal ops in hexes. Isolation and dropped support are factors here.

7. Combat units:
a. Types
b. Capabilities – Support, Fire, Regular, Spot and Assist.
c. Zocs
d. Movement

So combine this with the post on Fatigue and its relationship to elements in the system and pretty soon we got a game to play!


2 thoughts on “Concepts in order of Utilization

  1. Thanks! A playthrough video would be great for learning this game (and highly entertaining as well).

  2. How would you compare the SCS to BCS in terms of enjoyment or simulation. The Bulge has now been done in both systems. I love the SCS especially It Never Snows which I know isn’t your favorite but I like the other SCS games as well.

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