5 thoughts on “Complexity, What is it good for and where does it belong?

  1. Excellent piece. Thank you very much for this. I myself like campaign games because they give shape and meaning to individual battles, and I like the logistical piece–as an example of what some gamers may cringe at because of its added complexity–because logistics gives shape to a campaign However, clarity in rule-writing is always necessary. I wish more game companies paid more attention to the rule book–it’s a weak spot with many games.

    • Thx mate. Early thoughts but I hope to evolve the conversation as we play more of these titles. That way we can dig in a little on the details.
      A smart podcaster once said – the 1st thing he asks himself is what role is the game asking me to play…. From there the level of detail should match the role.

  2. My friends and I once spent 4-6 hours setting up all 4 Third World War Games (an operational level series you have done a few videos on) and then 4-6 hours playing 2 turns before we were kicked out of the house by adults. Clearly (this was 25 years ago) one must have patience for complexity or a child-like ignorance. Either way, it was a fun day.

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