Combat Report 1/8 Turn2 mid turn


From: 1/8 Col. Munch.


2100 HR

Actions in Marburg Nord

Combat operations in this weather hindered our direction of suitable interdiction’s to slow the advancing Soviets. Our efforts to disrupt their command infrastructure had limited success as well. The effect of weather on the situation however helped 4/69th achieve total surprise.

The end result is DIVMAIN’s orders to attack what appeared to be 2 full strength Battalions was indeed the right call.

2014-04-14 11.20.49

Interdiction’s were directed to units in the rear along the E-4 and against 7th Tank in the South. Further Barrage and Signal attacks have tied up 7th Tank forces also.

We are still unable to relieve the companies from 3/8.

Colonel Falco’s cross attached 2/68th Armoured deployed to the rear of the Soviets while my M1’s from 4/69 advanced thru rolling terrain and wooded areas to surprise the Soviets who were re supplying, and preparing to launch their attack on our positions.

2014-04-14 10.35.52

The attack was decisive. Current field reports suggest 60% casualty rates on the attack against the Soviets. Their BMP’s and BTR’s were no match for the combined arms effort of the M1’s and Infantry support. Brief signal jamming hindered their counter battery and Final Protective fire. We were in and out before they knew what hit them. Unable to retreat they took severe losses and we think the unit is now combat ineffective.

2/68 reported KiA 15 BTR’s attempt to squirt the box. We are engaged with the force still but expect no heavy resistance.

At the same time as the 4/69th was overrunning the 93rd, the 2/28 advanced down the highway in Tactical Mode, two swift over run attacks with heavy arty support crushed out of existence the 3/93rd from 27th Mot.

The men advanced just south of Weitershain two mile past their objective. Using the last of their gas they then hightailed it back to their area of ops adjacent to the still partially engaged 4/69th.

I put AFV, APC and misc light tank losses for the Soviets at over 40 vehicles, 20 ATGL’s and 200+ men. Our losses are light, we had a 3:1 kill ratio on vehicles but do have several wounded men and damaged but operable tanks.

If 4/69 is attacked we maybe be a little flat footed given their current combat stance, but I think we can hold off all but most severe and prepared attack [[ from HEX 1338  for instance]]

Field INTEL places the main thrust along E-4. We are asking Falco to transfer further assets and send his 2nd Battalion of tanks our way to hold in Giessen as ready reserve.

[Sample Combat stats:

4/69 attack: Atk v Def +2.Hasty Attack +5,+2 for AM mode of Soviets, Surprise +4, -2 for terrain, +2 Precipitation,T/O level delta =0, Leadership =0. Adjacent +2, Unprepared atk -2, rolled a 4 on CSP difference table=0 shifts. = Overrun. No retreat zone free of eZOC +2 losses, total 4 of 6 TO levels]

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