Combat Example [CFS]

Soviets on the board and elect to tackle the Company holding the township. 3.5MP to the contact. March style attack in Hasty Mode (3MP). We pop an Electronic warfare for the exercise even tho there is no support available. We use 1 Air point bringing total factors to 12 v 1.

Combat drops 1 to the Left due to township and we factor in Terrain.
2014-06-12 11.44.23

The NATO forces suffer 3 steps or Friction points. The take one and absorb losses via retreat for the other 2. A company may take a max of 3 Step losses FYI. 2014-06-12 11.44.52

The Soviet advance for free and engage again! So far they have accrued 1 FP for movement and 1 for combat. They shall take another for this next combat also for a total of 3. 2014-06-12 12.09.14

This time the  combat is jsut 11:1 with no Left shift in rough. another 3 steps lost. The NATO company retreats 2 and absorbs one more hit.
NOTE Units must retreat into road hexes where possible and into LEAST MP cost hexes!!!

Another catch, where the NATO forces may have slunk into nice cover. Bloody cheats.

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