Combat Commander Tournament Final -NW

This final game was taken from a WBC 2009 game.
two even forces with the primary difference being Molotov cocktails for the Finns and a Hvy MG and 2 rated leader for the Soviets.

2014-02-09 07.45.54

Point Blank Fire was the key optional rule which is achieved via card discard +2 for FP.
2014-02-09 08.28.21
I screened with my Finns on the Left and went heavier Right Flank, as did the Soviet player.

2014-02-09 08.28.27Soviet and Finnish forces advance to contact:


The Melee and close quarters firing begins quickly. At this point the lack of early morning coffee and too much ‘fun’ last nite is telling.ccfinal_2

Soviets do not fail to take advantage of the close combat bonus….sigh.

Once they kill a handful of units the Soviets retreat! WTH!!! Come back!

With VPs in hand, the Finns are forced to press home to attack.


Needless to say this pressure based attacking as the time clock advances caused further losses and the Finns quickly realize that the initial attacks that failed to use the +2 modifier and not having a recover card on hand was my downfall.

The battle ended with my surrender.  A most excellent experience.

Thanks to my opponent Keith Siverson for presenting a challenging game experience.




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