Collision Course 17.1 Breaking the Chains

Forces begin the game within preset boundaries with a lot of latitude. This may prove to be expensive for one side or the other as the scenario progresses and we learn what units are capable of.

In Day 1, Cycle 1 Round 1, the CC [Communist Chinese] move slightly closer to the Spratlys but sit well back with their CV’s barring one.

Planned attacks solid lines = CC, dotted equals intercept and Vietnamese strike.


Air2Air [A2A] Phase


J31’s in hex 012 trace a flight path to o16 targeting the DDG’s first to eliminate their AMD or Anti Missile Defenses which can be shared with units in the same 70 Nautical Mile hex.

As various flight paths are laid and ships designated to attack, the Vietnamese also elect to send one force of S-30’s to strike the illuminated (spotted) Chinese Navy CV-1 LIAONING.

AA fills the air as the approaching J-31’s rocket to their target. F-35s from the Nimitz scramble, electing to intercept the J31’s. {2d6=9+5=14> 12 defense; 2 hits and the J31’s are smashed from the air.

Ahh I can smell the hot metal and see the con trail fill with black oily smoke!

Air from the CV in P16 attacks the Burke class ships, {6<11 No effect}, but all missile attacks are warded off by the Aegis systems onboard. Battle space coordinators’ , route traffic and track threats aboard the Nimitz.

As the slower but capable #-30s approach the LIAONING, they take scattered AA fire, AMD forces provide cover for the CV, but will it be enough?


CAP streaks across to intercept, {2d6 3+3=6 <11}, the S-30’s break thru the defenses.


They attack: {2d6=12+3=15 >11 (using AMD of adjacent ships)}, the CV is sunk! The LIAONING aircraft divert to a nearby field (?)

All units who conduct missions are marked fired or recovering.


Round 2 begins any units who have no markers for Fired or Recovery may act.

CV-3 in Q13 now launch their fighters and attack the DDG’s

AA again fills the air in cloud bursting with deadly lead. A Hit! {8}.


The J-31’s attack still goes thru but is reduced in effectiveness by 1 – {2d6 11+4-1 (oops might have made a range error here)= 14 >11 +3 sunk!


Some tactical revisions required!


Cycle 2

At start:


Move Phase:

Thought I may as well try some gunnery while I was at it!

Ignore the R1 on the board.

Going to pause here to seek confirmation of accurate play.

5 thoughts on “Collision Course 17.1 Breaking the Chains

  1. So many mistakes not sure where to start. (Same with our first game at GameON!). Did target ships try to evade? Remember CAP won’t place a recovery marker on air. And why didn’t the Cc (Chinese colition not communists) use a lacm to take out the Vietnam air on turn 1?

    • 1. STFU.
      2. USN does not evade… we fight.
      3. I got the CAP thingy.
      4. LACM i missed doing that.
      5. You missed the big picture. units were set up wrong LOLOLOL… Also do units move more than 1 hex a turn? I saw 0,1 or2 in the rules but the designer dude was saying 1 hex only on BGG (excluding transition from Litterol)

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