Collapse AAR

South Korea. A Belligerent North Korean kid, who decides to push the envelope. What could possibly go wrong?



News casts of the North Korean leadership taunting via rocket launches and military parades put all sides on edge.

Seoul with the US Presidents blessing says enough is enough. A special forces ROK unit assassinates The NORK Leadership. In the ensuing mayhem the US and ROK forces drive deep into the collapsing state to secure WMD’s and the freedom of the people…oh and corporate profit potential of North Korea. The Peoples Republic of China however has other ideas.

US air supremacy is beyond question. NORK forces are decimated and inept.

PRC SOF missions initiate soft counter measures attempting to disrupt ROK HQ’s all fail turn 1.

In a similar vein ROK based Early Warning systems and SAM sites are targeted to little effect.

ROK SOF execute their plans en-mass with assistance from SEAL, SAS and Delta teams:

Game play scenario error but everyone loves a dogfight. A brief PRC-ROK skirmish:)

Sea Control by the PRC allows them to begin shipping their vaunted Marines into North Korea. While the 30th Division powers into mountainous terrain North of Songch’on.

ROK forces step off the line and assault thru the DMZ.

They blast thru North of Seoul, allow US mech forces to exploit!

In an effort to stall the Chinese from reaching the NORK capital US forces heavily interdict the 39th.

Fearing a wholesale slaughter the US and ROK airborne and helo transportables block the supply lines of the PRC. Its a suicide mission. But it must be done.

Central Command urges forward momentum at all costs. They press the attacks and burst thru the lines. The US appear to be in danger of isolation!

Heavier ROK divisions arrive to support the nimble US units to assault Sariwon, South of P’yang. The PRC and NORK generals are stunned at the rapid advance.

Decades of US lead training pay off as combined arms and air smash opposition forces in the lightly wooded plains and hills of North Korea.

In the East the ROK encircle the Norths forces and reach their supply limits. None of these units will escape to protect Pyongyang.

PRC landings land their airborne to block the US advance, until such time as the 39th can get to the capital.

ROK forces surge to catch up to the US coalition fighters, and secure supply routes.

US losses mount but the fighting is easier than the analysts said. All the NORK forces are fighting at lower effectiveness than anticipated! the Chines are split…This division weakens their fighting punch.

More attack helos land as do the Marines.

Air and SOF target PRC Airborne:

Overkill is not a know word in US military doctrine. They seek the unfair fight, they demolish with air, Spec Ops and foot sloggers. the PRC forces crumble in their first direct fighting against ROK with massive air support.

The PRC are now also out of supply.


2nd Division forces continue to beat down Airborne PRC units and clear sites. ROK units are on teh outskirts of p’Yang!

SOF missions attack MSU’s of the PRC!

F-15C splash Nork units to clear the zone.

3rd Marine makes a landing and seeks to open a new front on the PRC and NORK forces, channeling their best Mac Arthur.

Taegu press to link up heading west around the capital as seen below:

The VIII corp units crumble under the Warthog brrruping its way to victory . Having cleared the way the US forces tag team with ROK units to get a weight of fighting forces into some urban combat.

ROK units assault the city, while US troops go head to head against PRC forces in a holding battle. The PRCS units are linking up  but still face NORK elements who interfere with supply.

Seeking the prestige of first to enter the ROK boys go hard!

V & VII corp attack in a vicious land battle. Clearing actions force units into a delicate dance. Both sides are desperate to capture urban hexes but face penalties when attacked as some forces are diverted to the clearing op and cannot support the defense.



Here US and PRC slug it out.

SOF missions provide accurate targeting data for incoming strikes from HQ’s and Air.

Storms slow down air action:

The fight over SAM’s, detection and AA continues unabated.


PRC losses below are taking their toll. But the Marines, 2nd Division and supporting ROK elements are also hurting. Will the P’Yang Guard hold?

J-11B’s finally get a chance to fight. and strike the Marines.

















This slows up the planned attacks below.


A decision is made to go for the attacks in any case. The results are collapsed high rises, massive civilian casualties and the evisceration of the P’yang Guard.

The tide has turned definitely in favor of the US forces and they claim victory. Despite threats the PRC realize the risk thermo nuclear war is not worth a few million consumers of plastic goods. They lick their wounds and head North.

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