Chronological walk thru of WWII next!

Some thoughts on next titles for the walk thru as we wrap up 1941.
Case Blue /GBII. While this game could sit in for the Entire East front almost, we want to use the Walk Thru WWII as an opportunity to experience a range of titles and how they treat various campaigns and operations during WWII. So for now we are done with CG/GBII.

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Case Blue Play

I am almost certain that the CB/GBII ‘game experience’ /slash historical effort is done, how well ..meh. My latent and indeed expressed fear of poorly playing the Soviets probably came to  fruition. That said a few errors on both sides probably mitigated the defensive play weaknesses to some extent. As a new  player to OCS I am thankful to all the community for its assistance, also appreciative of the opportunity just to TRY and play this substantial game.

If Moscow was not isolated I think that there is lots more game to be played here, but Soviets must either Breakout or eat 95% of their supply to survive one turn. Thus I fear it is over! Full report to come. Excellent stuff.

[ A side note on sanity – playing a game a this scale solo to me was easier to do that attempting to coordinate a team of people to show up once a week or once a month.]

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Switching to one of the later scenarios will for sure be on my list as we continue our Chronological walk thru of WWII.

Battles and Operations in 1942

So this means we shall move the clock forward on our Chronological Walkthru of WWII to January 1942.

A post outlining the major events in 1942 will be forth coming. As pre 1939,1940 and 1941 it will have all of the games played in it and will be updated as titles are completed. [1942 is here]

At this stage of the war the action seems to move to the Pacific, and Eastern Front counter punch from the Soviets, we need to identify what is next on the list to play.

Early ’42 was characterized by the Moscow counter offensive and action in the early phases of the Burma campaign, the Philippines and Rommel began the El Agheila offensive. A long time ago I ran some of the Burma offensive, I do  not want to revisit that solo.

I do not own titles for Baatan or know of any that I trust, and two plays of DAK2 put paid to a in depth revisit of Afrika [exception see below].

January then ends with the Siege of Singapore.

Action progresses in the Pacific as the Japs leap and bound forward thru the early part of the year. Nimitz takes over for the US as of the end of March ’42.

In May we have the Battle of the Coral Sea. While on the Eastern front the German Summer offensives Case Blue and Soviet attacks around Kharkov were happening through September.

So the Coral Sea could be explored using the Campaign Commander Series from Bellica games:

2014-02-23 09.43.44

I’ve read the rules to this about 6 months ago and it would likely be manageable. Pretty looking game.

2014-02-23 09.44.46

2014-02-23 09.45.43

This would be a solid start for ’42. We can also if I can squeeze it in, re visit Rommel via Desert Fox, which I just acquired.

2014-08-13 17.10.38

Trail of the Fox and Desert Fox

For the ‘case blue’ action we can try something lighter such as ‘The Caucasus Campaign’ from GMT from Simonitch.

2014-08-14 11.50.14

Later in ’42 the action picks up. With the June time frame seeing the Battle of Midway [Play by Poll Play list], Rommel capturing Tobruk and Sevastopol falling.

August and we have Guadalcanal,  as well as Monty pressing back Rommel.

September the Battle for Stalingrad is underway

and the British offensive in Burma also begins while the US fights tooth and nail in the  oppressive heat of Guadalcanal.

This will drive our play order for the coming few months.

It will take a day or two to pack up CB/GBII and clean the maps, disassemble tables etal, expect to see Coral Sea soon amongst other projects we have for Ancients, Napoleonic system comparisons and general side by side game plays.

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