Changing the Game?


Today this company launched with 4 titles. I had heard about this a while back and have been itching to share the concept with you. Now it is public and available. The logo says it all – small package, big fun. We will find out soon enough!

Sci Fi, Medieval, American Civil War and Aliens. Lots of categories and more to come so it seems.


I ordered a copy of each, for currently available title. $19.99….yep. under $20 bucks. You can even order a PnP version for $9.99 in most cases.

How much is that? Yep $19.99 per game.
That friends is an Old Fashioned in the W on Times Square, or a Gibson Martini in the 4 Seasons in San Fran….Its 2 six packs of American wannabe stout, 3 crab cakes @ Jack Allens Kitchen. Its NOTHING.

On average 176 counters and a 11×17 inch map in a ziplock to your door.

If this works, with a new title monthly…. expect the wargame landscape to change indeed.
From a quality profile we can expect the same production levels as Yaah! magazine in game counters and maps.

Once they arrive and I play some of these expect some feedback.

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