Central Front System Soviet Plan of Attack & Opening Salvo


On the BAOR maps the Soviet plan to press on two axes. Road conditions dictate the majority of this approach and Soviet movement doctrine reinforces this. One force will head South the Take Kessel while the balance of forces press West.


8th Army will aid the rapid capture of Kessel from the South then proceed West to Giessen. 70th G will hold in reserve. 1st Arrmy will take Fulda and press onwards to Frankfurt to clear for 8th XXXX.


Hof_soviet Plan


In the Southern reaches the 13th XXXX and Warsaw Pact drive to Schweinfurt and then Warzburg. They will hold their and allow 13th XXX to pass through to Frankfurt also.

Initial strikes by Soviet  forces land on BAOR and FC (FifthCorps) maps.

West German (WG) 1st Division loses two battalions and 3rd armoured loses a battalion of mechanized infantry in early strikes. Several other units take high losses:

2014-06-11 18.31.48


Losses from the rest of the strikes:t1-strikes



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