CC Napoleon Kid Style 1809 Talavera

2013-12-05 19.24.26

“But when in Rome”…Says Davis,

“We ain’t in Rome this is Texas”, Says Rylan

2013-12-05 19.24.29

“The inability of Davis to articulate ‘why’ was telling. He knew what to do, where to find the data but could not help his brother bridge the why gap. Then again Ry, constantly suggesting he would fire mayonnaise at the British did not help.

An important lesson. Davis knows the rules after one play by rote, based on skillful teaching in Rome!!

Ry was flying blind and I was merely interjecting calmness, and a bit of fun. Rylan bailed some time after this hand.

2013-12-05 19.28.34

So I picked up from there. Having let the experiment run its course. I will for sur eneed to coach /player coach for further sessions.

2013-12-05 19.52.52

Davis made a few minor errors that we discussed and then talked about how that impacted the game. He appreciated that small things dont matter, and kept the larger task in sight! – Beating Dad. We are current down 3-0, and he then picked up a rally…I’d been sitting back screening and picking away with Arty for several hands until I picked up a few cards. It seems these Rivers are going to be problematic.

2013-12-05 19.53.04We might re set… we might continue. Who knows but it was great fun.

UPDATE – the smile of being four flags up :

2013-12-05 20.49.24


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