CC Coral Sea Phase 3

2014-08-17 14.53.16

There are a number of exceptions and conditions to how a Resource Point is used, how the SP it provides are consumed for movement by Land, Sea and Naval transport. Despite a re write I struggle to keep it all straight, but more importantly I am best of angst over optimizing the moves.

Seems like a simple table for cost  for land/sea movement in SP in one column and Mp’s in another would solve a lot of issues, then tack on a column for exceptions and conditions.

Which in many cases for a game is not a big deal. Here however I feel that choosing the wrong path, or the wrong strategy can lead to failure or worse yet disaster.

So lots of second guessing and doing over going on. The above move took 4 efforts the one below just 2.

Allies:2014-08-17 14.57.20


So the Japanese secure some VPs, the US move to reinforce Islands. Guadalcanal now becomes a focal point.



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