CB/GBII Oct 12th

12th of October Weather: Clear

Soviets gain initiative

No PAX! 25 SP.

Breakout attempt at Spa Dmnensk 16 units, 5 return. 24th Army HQ and arty stay behind.

West of Vyazma, units are all isolated and there are several losses due to breakout, further losses occur in the Attrition/Supply phase. One small 3:1 attack is attemptedAo1/DL101, eliminating the Fuhrer Regiment!

In the North Hedgehog development continues West of Moscow. With a focus on Kubinka and Tula.

Kalinin and Western Front forces hold, but the Rzhev counter attack is delayed and considered to be not worthwhile given little impact it would have.

In Bryansk SP consumption continues. Units are now NOT eligible to break out. A sole armored unit moves to Bolkov to block the Eastern approach.

In the South L’Gove-Kursk Soviets hold.

The SouthWest Front in and around Kharkov builds HH, and retreats towards the city. Ideally the Soviets want to build a line to Belgorod. In Sevastopol the Soviet armies begin a slow retreat across the plain to the city.

With the likelihood of mud increasing the Germans press hard to take ground and hope to be able to press supply forward to allow for the mud and potential for counter attacks.

In the German turn lots of decision points. Knowing that 2/6 chance of light mud, and going up to 3/6 on the 22nd of October the Germans face some hard facts.

With just 11 SP this turn, efforts have to be focused.

Here  below,Das Reich and elements of 3rd Mot. Attack the village of Yukinov


The 9th Army reinforces its lines in the North.

4th Army  and 56th Pzr HQ move up from Nelidovo to Sychevka, while 7th Pzr Div. refuels along with 19th. 900L moves into Vyasma. The cats breakfast of niggling OOS units, and escapees is running havoc with the supplies and organization of the Army Group.

Elements of 11th Pzr. And 11th SS+ SS/R attack EAST of Yuknov with air support. The rest of 11th Pzr. Is in Reserve mode. The subsequent combat here generates an AE4 result and allows Exploit and Reserves to move thru and around the Yukinov area.

5th and 20th juice up for the drive to link up with lead elements in the distance North East of Bryansk

Force East of Orel pause.

The focus this turn is really on Kursk and the surrounding area. Its capture will allow for speedy rail and reinforcement, once the rail is converted.

57 Pzr.HQ moves to Kozel’sk  2nd and 10th  regiments move with it. Divisions of infantry in strategic mode race forward to relieve Panzer formations and take up positions.

The extender is in B 25.09 (check that).

In Brynsk /Orel region  51st surrounds the 13th Soviet Corps. 1Cav advances North of Brynsk. In Orel the 3rd panzer attempts to make it up to surround a lone Soviet tank unit, but supply constrains the effort. (no trace range) 18th Pzr blocks units East of Orel, to prevent any breakout refresh efforts.

Yukhnov falls and exploit allows for some grim overruns later in the turn!

When was the last time you saw triple box cars..I mean 6’s?!


4th Pzr is reinforced, 7th Pzr bloks the roads and rail of L’Gov.

2nd Pzr Group advance with all units and put the 25th Mot. Into reserve. Force move to block rail south of L’Gov.

Forces inPOLTAVA region are order to advance on Kharkov, 10 Divisions move out. 9th Pzr goes into  reserve.

When 25th and 9th come out of reserve the rocket to the North of Kharkov, hoping to take the weaker defenses there by surprise.

6th Army and related forces continue to attrit enemy forces from Dneper- to Melitopol.

End Turn Positions:

Rzhev top of screen and Part of 4th Army at the bottom.

Here you can see the late turn German overruns and general movement. Supplies were shuffled forward and not much got far this turn.


4th Panzer Group and SS:r and SS:T stream forwards, trying to spread the Soviets thin!

Units in Vyazma hold tough for the Germans and the Soviets attempt to escape the isolation. In the South a bold move comes together.

The consequences of which neither side realizes until next turn!

The last of the available supply is pressed into usage by 9th Panzer and Mot. Forces to press NE and capture Belogorod in the Exploit phase.

This fur ball is resolved later this turn when the some of the Soviets finally succumb to attrition rolls.

Slow careful progress here.

Big Picture:



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  1. I’m reading at the moment THE VIAZ’ MA CATASTROPHE, 1941 by Lev Lopukhovsky. I cannot recommend this book enough, especially if you play OCS Guderians Blitzkrieg II. The author gives you what Col. Glantz describes as “ground truth” about operation Typhoon and the Soviets response to the encirclement at Viaz’ ma and Briansk. I would also like to add I love Big Board Gaming!!! Keep up the excellent work.

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