CB/GBII Nov 8th Trace supply concerns

Yes Trace Supply issues for the Russians!

Check out some of the options we have on the Northern maps to alleviate the situation and allow a small counter attack!

9 thoughts on “CB/GBII Nov 8th Trace supply concerns

    • The cut supply for the Soviets at the detrainable helx at Rhzev was what I was looking at. Thanks for the clarification. Sometimes it is hard to see at an oblique angle. I had to pull the map up in Vassel to see for sure.

      I am loving this. It is helping me understand OCS soooo much better!

  1. Just a question from France 🙂 I play 5.3 scenario of GB II and It’s not easy sometimes for the french I am to understand very well the rules, especially some specific rules of GBII (that’s why I follow your blog , to have a better understanding!) For trace purpose, if I understand correctly you don’t need to convert the rail gauge right? just “have the rail” and a detrainable hexe that give you a supply source (for the german because for the soviet road and track are also use for trace purpose if I have read correctly). Am I right?

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