CB October 1st 1941 Axis Turn

A bit of trial run for the opening moves. I’m not sure that I wont reset.

I’ve found not having time to focus for an extend period may be short changing both side, especially in T’s consumed. Yikes ;;;;)

That said some of the opening puzzles are interesting, I have clearly over spent on SP in turn 1, however I hope to moderate that unless the Axis earn a back to back turn.

The Soviets face some challenges in their turn – all supply related, but also have some opportunities to counter attack. We will look at the Soviet turn in another post.

October 1st 1941


North, some shuffling and SS:T comes off the line to rail south.

SP are moved South, I have doubts over rail lines going offboard and returning up there?

Also the rail conversion rules, just jumped me and said –”NO MORE THAN 4 hexes a turn converted”….Nice. Missed that last time I played GBII.

Videos will have some more details.

The Germans took some licks but knocked out two HQ’s and are close to pocketing some larger areas, subject to checking if the 24th ARMY HQ has trace via Safonovo rail?.

I think this area can be considered OOS next turn assuming the Soviets cannot rectify the situation:

Similarly North of Smolensk the Germans rush to block escape!

30th and 33rd Soviet HQ are Overrun!

The Soviets might be able to attenuate some of the damage? But unless I commit a lot of transport and support these guys will be forced to roll for attrition or start eating Tree Bark. [Edit- 2 Treebark are used, I’m fearful as the Soviet that this is waaay too early use.]

The Soivet thus have a dilemma turn 1. Aid via SP delivery the Western Front or send further supply to hubs like Brynsk and start building HH i ke locations (Tula). In the South a similar situation presents it self.

My first instinct every time is to do this…count back with Command RANGE!! NO!

Tsk Tsk. The final count back to the supply source from an HQ is 5 Truck mps.

Losses Turn 1, 2SP not 3 FYI.:

2nd Pzr does most of the fighting. Losses felt very high for turn 1 for the Axis in just 4 or 5 combats. This tempered our bravery for the Axis in the South.

Bel’yy see 6th, 7th Pzr and 14th pass thru and East.

6th heads to Nelidovo!

11th Pzr occupies Spas Denysank.

10th moves to the main rail on the outskirts of Zhiizda, and 5th Pzr goes to Dyut kovo, North of Bryansk.

The Germans hold 20th Panzer, 13th Motorized and SS:R for turn 2 where they hope to get a full “reserve mode turn in”.

18th and 3rd Pzr occupy Orel.

Panzers above await the next phase to push to Orel. IF we can arrange the SP trail it might be worth pushing REALLY hard on Tula and damn the torpedoes?

4th heads to outskirts of Kursk. Was this a smart move?

29th Motorised stays in the vicinity of _ Buda.

9th and 16th Pzr moves toward Zehkov.

16th and 14th Pzr link up west of Krasnograd, cutting off forces .

Early Moves in the South.

SS:W envelope Melitopol.

11th Army meanders down the Sevastopol peninsula.

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