Oct 5th CB/GBII Comments. [turn 2]

Big Picture:

Should the Soviets press hard in the North there could be trouble. Despite being pushed back their first attack the Soviets have a wealth of units to employ and the Axis have little or no viable supply in the area. They also have taken the SS:W south and left the Entrance areas mildly exposed.





While the Air attacks slowed down the Axis machine, it did not stop it. The dense terrain was worse. The Axis forces are now poised to secure Nelidovo and place many units OOS. The Soviets can counter with some of the better rated Cavalry, but it appears too early to be countering. The Soviets perhaps should have been more aggressive moving units East by foot.



Oct5thSth Moscow_Vy-Bry-Orel


After some opening losses the Germans conducted almost no attacks and focussed on use movement to place tehmselves between supply and HQ’s for the Soviet Army HQ’s in this area.



This part of the map has just received extra supply, before the rail line was cut. The Soviets may need to attempt a counter punch Eastward towards Orel where two Panzer divisions could possibly be sandwiched between the River and a mass of Soviets.???



Bryansk – Soviet View

The longer we hold here the better. The Axis forces have been careful not to leave exposed units, but did give the Soviets one chance to interfere with Trace supply Routes, just South of Bryansk




Sparse terrain, few units and not much by way of rail to effect good supply for the Axis. They rely upon a single Truck extender so far. The Soviets were taken by surprise with the Kursk move across the river. A lucky combat roll did not help! While the Germans are in a strong position, there is just the lone Division down there doing all the fighting.


Kharkov – Melitopol Area

Slow going here for the Axis, but I think they can wrap up a significant number of Soviets in a turn or so. Then work out how to best tackle Kharkov-Stalino line.


Case Blue:
Poltava area
South of here the movement towards Sevastapol goes slowly and carefully.



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