CB-GBII 7.7/7.2 Oct-End of month Sectors

Above we can see little has changed the entire month in the far North, bu the Soviets are falling back upon their prepared defense as Rzhev comes under pressure further south (below)

The Germans sit at the Outskirts of the Russian defenses, and are storing up for a last ditch effort somewhere in the North…or are they?

Another aspect of the GBII maps, showing SS:T/SS:R and several Panzer and Motorised divisions at their full extent.

Tula is dug in.

Kursk was a surprise loss for the Soviets as it dropped quickly and with little effort by the Germans.

Kharkov is almost surrounded, and the LAH move along the Caspian Sea coast line below.

The gains here are slowest, due to SP starvation and limited focus.

Onto November:

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  1. Wonderful project to solo. It’s great to see the games put together. Do you make tank noises when you fuel the armored units? I know I would. 🙂

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