Caucasus Campaign p3


Weather roll: 6. There will be no secondary impulses this turn.

Taman is taken (at last!). The huge Axis reinforcements will enter play next turn.

German reinforcements are sent to the Ordzhonikidze sector. The Mountain divisions try to fight their way back but they still remain cut off. Germans abandon Mozdok and entrench in Prokhladnyy.

Victory check:
Minimum = 12
Points – 14 / 18 VP.


The VIII Flieger Corps returns from Stalingrad.

Weather roll: 3.

The Axis advance towards Tuapse. The race against the clock enters into the final stage.

Nalchik will remain German. The offensive towards Ordzhonikidze is very dubious though…

A precious victory point is obtained by taking Ellista. The Soviets bring reinforcements to Astrakhan to avoid any bad surprise.

Victory check:
Minimum = 13
Points – 15 / 18 VP.


The Germans desperately need 3 more points and a good weather roll is crucial.

Weather roll: 4!

Tuapse falls! The race towards Sochi is under way but the Soviets manage to contain the Axis at the city outskirts.

In the Nalchik sector nothing happens. Ordzhonikidze and Grozny will remain Soviet.

Victory check:
Minimum = 14
Points – 17 / 18 VP.


The situation is crystal clear. The Germans need 1 more victory point and there is only one place where it can be obtained: Sochi. To succeed one thing is crucial: a good weather roll.

Weather roll: 6!!!. There will be no secondary impulses which means that the Axis WILL NOT MANAGE to capture Sochi.

The situation at end of turn 14:

and the Victory Point track with the hilarious Soviet losses alongside:

Victory check:
To win = 18
Points – 17 / 18 VP.

The game ends with a Soviet win!

The Axis hammered the Soviets during the entire game and even so they lost! Had the game lasted one more turn or had the final weather roll been different, the 18’th victory point would be easily gained.

The major reason for which the Soviets prevailed was the Taman delay. The crucial reinforcements arrived just one turn to late and this fact proved to be decisive.

The game was really fun and I must say that I am surprised how well the gameplay reflects the real campaign:

– The German advance was fast until it reached the mountains.
– The Ordzhonikidze fight proved to be the turning point of the offensive in that sector.
– The lack of Panzer units hindered the offensive and the upcoming reinforcements relaunched it from time to time.

Great title and I am sure that I will give it another try it the near future!

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