Caucasus Campaign p2


The turn starts with the roll for the Italian Alpine Corps. The valorous Italians are sent North so the Victory margin for the Axis side will remain at 18 points.

The Krasnodar defence still holds on! This is bad news for the Germans as it is crucial to them to reach Tamanas soon as possible.

Voroshilovsk on the other hand falls and the Axis forces quickly advance towards Pyatigorsk.

Victory check: 6 / 18 VP.


Weather will be tested from now on to the end of the campaign. A roll of 2 means the sky is clear and both sides will have secondary impulses.

This is the first turn too when the number of victory points of the Axis side may cause an automatic win of the Soviet side. The minimum number of points required for the Axis to prevail is 7 so at the beginning of the turn they are at pressure. Not for long though…

Krasnodar is finally taken!

Pyatigorsk is cut off and will fall in a brief moment. Grozny is within reach!

Victory check:
Minimum = 7
Points – 8 / 18 VP.


Hitler takes command so the reinforcements flow will be more steady.
The weather is still good.

The Taman offensive begins. At first Primorsko-Akhtarskaya is taken.

Pyatigorsk falls and the German Panzers enter Prokhladnyy.

Here is a look at the whole Caucasus front:

Victory check:
Minimum = 8
Points – 10 / 18 VP.


Weather roll: 4.

The Soviets gather strong forces to defend Taman and Novorossiysk. As long as this defence hold on the Axis reinforcements cannot enter play.

The Soviets try to mess up with the German supply lines.

Nalchik falls but the Soviet forces in the Ordzhonikidze and Grozny sector are building up.

Victory check:
Minimum = 9
Points – 11 / 18 VP.


The 298 Infantry Division is sent north. As it was on its reduced side the Axis side will receive only one reinforcement this turn.

On the other hand the first of the three Ost troops enters play.

Weather roll: 1

The Axis finally pierce through the defence line around Novorossiysk and the siege begins. Temryuk is under pressure too.

The German advance continues towards Ordzhonikidze. Will the city fall just as every other did before?

Victory check:
Minimum = 10
Points – 11 / 18 VP.


The mountain passes close, the seasonal marshes are filled.

Weather roll: 3.

The Novorossiysk push is successful and the city is taken. On the other hand although Temryuk falls Tamanremains in Soviet hands! The German reinforcements are still out of play!

In the Ordzhonikidze sector the Soviets launch a counter-offensive which cuts off the elite Mountain divisions. The Panzers are heavily reduced and the Axis situation in the sector becomes critical.

Victory check:
Minimum = 11
Points – 14 / 18 VP.

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