C&C Nappy – Italian Style

On a gloriously sunny November day in 2013, Davis and I headed to:
Just South of Rome at a 3 hall convention center. The Valentina Ludica Cantoni covers the gamut of gaming, from Toddlers to Old Farts, as well as Re-enactor Associations and the like!


Davis was quickly adopted by the Men of BG Storico Casus Belli!

He played his first game of:



Had a solid start but ended up with crisis rolling failures and just got pipped at the post in a one flag difference battle of wits with Loris Luchetti, who was gracious enough to play with Davis and teach him the basics!

Loris has an amazing collection of games with nearly every single AH game sold, most of GMT and all of the Victory games titles! Many are in mint condition, with players copies for loving use!



Suffice to say Davis had a blast and was flush with initial excitement. I hope to capitalize on that ASAP, and break out my copy of Napoleons C&C!

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