Carthage with Herr Dockter

Carthage 264 B.C.

Campaign play with Herr Dockter on VASSAL.

As Carthage we took the opening move.

I spent a fair bit of time prior to selecting which chit to open with assessing the best way to get ‘there fastest with the mostest’.

Land movement would generate little or no attrition, but the edge of having a ship in port/on location (over and above that already there at the besieging location was too strong a draw, plus it allowed for a potential 2:1 attack on any naval movement.

Hanno Hamilcar moved to Massana passed his sea movement attrition and landed unmolested as the Roman naval intercept failed.

Hanno continued and laid Siege. With the other Dumvir in the hex this might seem like a riskier move, but I think more ships in this area of ops early makes Rome think twice about a fight. Despite exposing ourselves to 2 extra rolls we got thru and consolidated naval forces.

Rome moved next, and failed his leave province Senate permission roll. He then decided to move intra Bruttium to cover open ports to raids. Subsequently missing his continuation roll.

Carthage Duumvirs were next and we moves some forces North to Corsica and brought extra ships to the south from Carthage. A raid is attempted but fails.

Auguries send the next activated Roman Consul to Armenium to quell rebellion for this turn and all of 263!

The siege attrition roll was brutal… a 9. Massana falls.

Rome attempts to move ships and is intercepted and sunk. At turn end the Carthage luck runs out and they fail their return to port roll from the raid and sink, losing the Admiral also!

End of turn above.


Romes political phase is as nearly always early game a disaster but perhaps even more so than usual. 2 low rated Generals, mean that only 3 activations will happen next turn for them. 2 land and one sea. Brutal limits on their actions this coming turn.

The available chits for next turn (+1 for Hanno Hamilcar:

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  1. Daring and dicey movement of force by sea, resulting in smashing victory balanced against the atrocious luck and bumbling Roman leader counters. Could this war end in 260 BC?

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