Carthage Rematch 264 B.C.

Here we are back at it. Wrap up one play and roll directly into another! Love it, lets dive right in:

Right from the start this run thru began to evolve differently. Using the same manner as our first campaign game Hiero raced to Massena to lay siege.

However this time he did not travel by sea nor did he take as much force this time. Carthage then pulled fleets one and VII together who failed to continue…See a thread. Hubris is paying a visit for my cheap Auto Victory win over the seasoned Carthage player.

Siege Attrition came next and Hiero loses a step, and the Mammertine avoid ANY loss. Then for a refreshing change of pace Rome got the chance to play, with their Duumvir being pulled. This helped assuage the fear that I had some special way of pulling the chits for turn one. Rome wisely placed their limited fleet in Port for the Massana.

Hannibal Gisgo combines with fleet sitting off shore of Massena. With the fleets combined Hannibal Gisgo however fails to continue and be “in the Port hex to allow a better intercept roll”.

Carthage then moves several fleets via the Duumvir chit pressing fleets forward to Sicily from Carthage and Sardinia. Stupidly moving unit one hex short of where it really needed to be'(See image above).

Rome’s Consul chits now arrive, the Consular Army in Southern Etria seeks approval to move to Rhegium and has a -2 on the roll, they toddle off crossing the Tiberus, moving past Rome and Capua, they finally cross the Silarus river and enter Rhegium losing only 1 SP (9 attrition -3 for ending in a medium city).

Siege attrition occurs again and again the Massana rebels lose nothing while 2 more steps are dropped from the joined armies.

Rounding out the year Consul Claudius moves both the Consular Armies across the straits. The exercise is easy as pie, as both Punic fleets are adjacent NOT in the hex so a negative modifier applies and Rome relieves Massana. There is no interception (Not sure I would want to any way, as it would be an almost 1:3 attack).

Game Notes:

Not a good start for Carthage but very much in line with history so far. Now we just need Hiero to be a gutless bastard and change sides.

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