Carthage 6

“…Carthage must be frickin destroyed…” 

Back to the war…

…the continuing saga of Team Roma and Team Carthage, battling it out in the 1st Punic War at The Source in the Twin Cities; spring/summer 2013. Seven sessions so far (plus a boot camp); all very enjoyable. Probably about 42 hours into the game (7 sessions x 6 hrs each). VERY impressed with the design; it generates a great storyline. Hats off to Mr.Berg.

The site of much action this session (as with most sessions), including the treachery at Lilybaeum and Drepanum by the wily, sometimes crabby, very rarely lucky, but always a great gaming mate, the Carthaginian 

244 B.C. 

Politics, Upgrades and Builds


Rome consul: Aquillius 312 (16E) Consul Army I (in Sicily)
Field consul: Valerius 307 (14E) Consul Army III (in Sardinia)
Manlius 317 (26C) Consul II Army
Cornelius 311 (25D) Consul IV Army
Atilius 313 (27B) Legion VIII
Fleet II (20s): Fabius 332 (25D)
Fleet III (9s): Aemilius 321 (26C)
Fleet I (9s): Atlius 315 (26D)

The Senate (always a den of corruption and incompetence…there day is coming in a couple of hundred years!) saw fit to not provide any additional resources for the noble roman consuls to prosecute the war.


Orientation: Aggressive
85 Reinforcements granting; essentially exhausting the manpower supply, but, with four turns to go, well timed. Much to the wily Carthaginian’s dismay, the great Bostar (15D) is back; the man that led an army into starvation in Sardinia.


Turn opened with Aemilius taking 9 ships in Fleet III into the straits off of west Sicily to block Bostar and Deathstar v2.0.

Carthage responded by sending a force to engage Fleet III. Both sides had a +3 DRM. Dice were tossed and Cartha’s “9” resulted in 66% losses and the Carthaginian commander cursing the luck gods. Rome reinforced success by also sending in Fleet I into the straits; establishing “The Gauntlet of Doom”. Also, Manlius was granted permission by the Senate to take his Consul II Army south to Sicily.

Deathstar v2.0 wants to pass to Sicily. Some Roman fleets have other ideas. The only thing missing from this gauntlet is Clint and a party girl named Gus Malley

Bostar & Deathstar v2.0, accompanied by a supporting fleet, then made its run thru The Gauntlet of Doom. Atilus and Fleet I intercepted. DRMS were +0 for Rome and +2 for Cartha. Dice tossed. Rome wins again; this time without the loss of single sea wench. Cartha suffers 20% losses. Cathaginian consults rulebook and reads to his horror that 20% of Deathstar v2.0 SPs also lost.

Wily Carthaginian consults rulebook, and, discovers to his horror, that 20% of the Deathstar v2.0 troops have been lost at sea

Accordingly, Mr.20% (the loss inflict on Cartha’s transports) was quite happy

Somehow, Bostar survives recall (the crabby Carthaginian says, “It’s ALL politics! THAT is the only reason that bum Bostar survives.” However, then the Wily Carthaginian collects his wits and decides to conduct a voluntary recall. (NOTE: A tactic we all agree he should have been using MANY times earlier in the game – essentially a way to go fishing for one of the great Carthaginian leaders. Cartha has two 3B6’s in their pool – which John had NEVER drawn during the entire game).

Minor naval actions occurred: Cartha raiding and Roman Fleet II beating up on a small Carthaginian fleet to improve Roman crew quality (a frequent Roman tactic).

Given Rome’s impressive naval defeat of the Deathstar v2.0 made Atlius eligible for a triumph. The Roman commanders thought they would finally obtain their first triumph of the game (after may cruel twists of fate had denied them). Atlius was dispatched to Rome. After arriving successfully, the Senate was consulted. Their answer? “NO!”. Laughter immediately erupted from the Carthaginian, while cries of “F*ck the Senate” (and worse!) were heard in the Roman camp. John made the comment “I don’t know how Berg comes up with this sh*t, but, it always seems to work out just fine!”.

The Senate says “NO triumph for you today, buddy!”

Still smarting at the Senate’s political ruminations, Atilius took Legion VIII to finish the sad remains of Deathstar V1.0 (at this point down to something like 13 SPs). DRM was -1…a “2” was rolled, resulting in a major defeat for Rome.

Rome takes Sulci thru siege, and thereby Sardinia is finally brought to heal, while Drepanum holds out against the Carthaginian barbarians.

The turn ended with two events: the Carthaginian commander FINALLY drawing one of the two “3B6” leaders….

Big man finally arrives for Cartha.

…And, for a perfect end to the turn, Atilius and his glorious Fleet I, sinks. The Carthaginian commander shouts “Atilius shouts at the Sentate: frickin triumph this!”. MUCH laughter.

The dice gods say “SINK!”; a perfect ending for the man that would have a triumph: Atlius.

On that gutbusting note, we decided to grab some pig at the local BBQ joint.

Fuel for Roman consuls and one wily Carthaginian commander

243 B.C. 

Politics, Upgrades and Builds


Rome consul: Claudius 328 (25E) Consul Army I (in Sicily)
Field consul: Postumius 338 (14E) Consul Army III (in Sardinia)
Lutatius 340 (16D) Consul II Army
M.Valerius 303 (25C) Consul IV Army
Atilius 313 (27B) becomes praetor (despite his major defeat of last turn) Legion VIII
Fleet II (19s): O.Valerius 339 (26D)
Fleet III (6s): Aurelius 324 (26C)
Fleet I lies at the bottom with the man denied a triumph due to the corrupt and incompetent Senate. However, the much new & improved Fleet 1 (20s) built and assigned to Fabius 332 (25D)


A new family in Cartha takes over the reins of power. A few ships are built.


The year opened with siege attrition at a minor city in Sardinia and a key city in Sicily, Drepanum. Both held firm. Rome sent a fleet to engage a Carthaginian fleet at Drepanum in an inconclusive naval engagement. Claudius led his Consul Army I against Deathstar V1.0 (now only 12 SPs). Claudius ended up with a rather weak -2 DRM, but was able to hit the “X” result. A “6” was rolled, with Rome losing 10% (5 SPs to 39) and Cartha suffering 15% losses (2 SP to 10). Another inconclusive fleet action, with both Rome and Cartha limping out of combat with 3 ships.

Hanno the Great FINALLY accomplished something besides the 90%+ reduction in his forces (from 100 to 10 SPs, not including receiving maybe 20-30 SP reinforcements); he managed to take Drepanum by treachery. Another fleet action ensued, with Cartha carrying the day.

Deathstar v2.0, under the very capable leadership of Carthaio (IP-4), again attempted to sail Sicily. This time, valiant Aemilius led Fleet III with 9 ships to successfully intercept. Cartha lost the battle, but retreated to the West Sicily coast with a forced disembarkation of Carthaio and crew. Additionally, the barbarians suffered 5% more losses (now 61 SPs) and scattered along the coast.

Cartha now has two armies in Sicily: Deathstar v1.0 (10 SPs) and Deathstar v2.0…61 SPs (after losing 20+ SPs on the trip over thru the gauntlet.

The implication of the forced disembarkation (and scattering) was that if Rome could somehow engage this Carthaginian army in this condition, Cartha’s force would be considered “useless” for the battle (a severe negative modifier). So, a desperate series of activation chit pulls ensued, with both sides offering various sacrifices to the luck gods. Rome hoped to activate a force that could hit the useless mob, while Cartha prayed for a chit that would allow the army to reform and then stomp the consul armies in the area.

Before that question was resolved, Rome caught another lucky break; another revolt of the Siculi, and, perhaps another chance to be totally humiliated by the comedy called “the attempt to be granted a triumph by the ridiculous institution called the Roman Senate”.

Finally, the question was resolved: Carthaio reformed his deathstar and then quickly took Lilybaeum by treachery. Cartha also managed to pull off yet another raid of Italy by a small fleet.

The Roman Field Consul, Postumius, attempted to assault a minor city in Sardinia, but it was ineffectual. At that point, Postumius’ army was under 10 SPs; not strong enough to take on a Carthaginian army, but more than enough to clean out the remaining nest of Carthaginian Quislings in the area.

M.Valerius was ordered to lead his Consul IV Army against Carthaio and Deathstar v2.0. The brave attempt ended in failure. An all around tough turn for Rome ended with further insult: Rome’s Fleet II of 14 ships sank somewhere off the coast of Italy. And, so ended 243 B.C.

Summary: So, where are we with two turns remaining in the game? 

The chart below provides the VP situation. It’s close, but …

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  1. The Senate being a jerk is fairly realistic…I remember some anecdote of some fellow (a Claudius?) having a triumph of his own and he only got away with it by having a sister that was a Vestal Virgin in the chariot with him so nobody could pull him out and beat him up.

    Also the Carthage recalling failed admirals and generals happened a lot.. they would crucify them on a regular basis.

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