Carthage: 260BC part 3

We continue our play for the last few weeks with Tony Kinner.

See part 1 & 1.1 and 2 in the links.

260 BC was the scene of amazing swings in fortune. After raising fresh armies and allocating forces to counter the Tarentum siege a favoured son of rome is sent to deal with Hanno once and for all.

Supported by a Praetor and a fractured Consular Army III, the 2nd Consular Army launches a savage assault on the tough barbarians.

Rome is defeated again, in a swing on leadership capability of 100%. With Rome rolling a 0 and the Cartho’s rolling a 9 for the DRM calculation for leadership impact!

Taking a 15/5 loss. Two full CA’s are now adrift in Southern Italy. While Hanno could stay and reduce the city, he could also elect to run rampage thru greater Italy.

With Lilybaeum under siege Carthage is distracted! Strategically they want to hold this as it is the gateway to Rome for Carthage and vice versa for the Romans to Carthage.

The Romans secure Argentum, and launch an effort to put Dyrrachium under siege.

The consuls launch reduction attacks on Lilybaeum and even try a desperate whiskey fueled Treachery roll.

Fearing the worst in 259, Hanno abandons the siege of Tarentum when victory is in sight. Realizing that they were overstretched. Carthage’s forces sally from Lilybauem several times inflicting minor losses. In an effort to keep the pressure up the newly formed Navy transports a Roman Legion to Corsica….

That was a…a…a… bad thing.

This evens up the balance of losses and swings them way in favor of Carthage. Fortunately they have abandoned the mainland of Italy and concentrated on Sicily. The Roman plan now must be to build pressure on Carthage to force them to react. We have displaced his forces from threatening mainland Italy, now if the Romans can build some decent armies and a new Navy over the next two years the ability to preempt him will be presented.

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