Carthage 256 BC [part 5]

Game play continues from [HERE]

With two mostly strong Consular Armies in place and the game imposed limits lifted for Naval expansion. Both Ports of Ostia and Neapolis kick into overdrive.

They build large navies manned by consuls.

In and around Lilybaeum the Roamns attempted to invest the port but were thwarted by superior Punic naval skill.


Feeling feisty the Punic army led by Hanno Hamilcar launches a daring attack against the mighty 2nd Consular Army in Sicily. This has mixed results as the Field Consul while just a E rated leader rolls well and mitigates the Leadership edge Cartho has.

Hiero puts down the Sicili revolt. in Eastern Sicily.

Meanwhile in Rome the 3rd CA spends the year training and gains Veteran status.

Rome continues to focus on Sicily, and clearing the dominions villages and cities of Punic scum. With Lilybaeum under siege the Romans must strike quickly to secure the Island so they can then execute on phase two of their plan.

With the fall of Massilia Corsica and Sardinia beckon Rome….Phase two is looking good!

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