Canadian Crucible

The Canadian Scots Counterattack:

Actual terrain:

Sven, Klaus and Johann were supposed to be relaxing, and recovering in Putot en Bessin and on the coast. This part of the mighty Atlantic Wall was going to be quiet they said, OKW was wrong again. What a surprise. First they were wrong about the East Front, now this. The three of them had walked thru 5 pairs of boots each. Into and out of the Steppes of Russia, thru ice, snow, mud and dust to arrive here in the tranquil lushly green fields, riddled with heavy stalked wheat.

Only to find 1,000s of ships interrupting their daily routine.

‘Recover they ‘ said he laughed. After retreating again, and being pushed from this tiny village they turned right back around and recaptured what was left. They had just smashed the Canadians again. Tenacious bastards, but no match for Sven, Klaus and Johann!

First the beach, then Caen now this…this pretty place. Well it used to be pretty. Smoldering homes, smashed in store fronts and splintered trees greeted Sven’s view over the sites of his MG 42,. The counter attack was to be expected. But the ferocity of it no doubt surprised the Canadians. His father had warned him of how tough they had fought in WWI at Vimy Ridge. Blew a Got in Himmel massive hole under a hill. Then stormed what was left. Not so today. Today they ran. Sven mused out loud ‘ so you think the same ones will be back?’.

‘Ja, ja, those bastards will be bled white by their Generals. ‘ groused Klaus, he continued. Did you check your ammo belt and safety?

‘Ohh no Klaus thanks for reminding me. Frack you how many times have I done this?

“If I were you two, I should either stack bricks or dig that slit trench a little deeper” said the Oberscharfuhrer. “Fuck you Schmidt” the two men chimed in unision…..”and stop sneaking up on us like that or you will get shot.”

Ja, if you would shoot straight I would worry. But instead I just come seeking a cigarette, bitte?

Of course, but only if you tell me once more when the Paks and AT weapons will arrive?

In the distance the howl and whine of arty could be hard approaching…all blending into a symphony with the rough rumble of Sherman tank engines in the distance.


The ground shakes, plods and clumps of fresh soil pitter patter on their tightly hunched backs.

The sound is immense. They shake….yes in fear. No amount of experience toughens you up for arty.

Sheafs of salvos fall all around the village.Tearing men, buildings and equipment in an equal opportunity destructive work over.

Smoke blocks the Germans line of sight, but there is no mistaking the rumble of enemy AFV’s. “Vehr are zee Paks you promised you bastard!!”

“I’m sooo, sick of this shit.” chimed Johann.

“Then stand up arsehole…you always complain, but you never get hurt”…Klaus stopped short…’shiesah..Sorry about that’. He had broken the cardinal rule. Speaking of anothers luck.

The shells continued to pour down. The Germans returned the favor and unleash the 150mm and 105mm barrages. This slows the Allies but a little. All down the main street of the tired village shells fall from the seemingly limitless Canadian tubes.

Now the screams. No time to help…for here they came right on the heels of the creeping barrages. The German fighters rallied where they could and fired madly at the crazy Canadians.

“Where are the fricking AT guns? ”

By 2100 the Canucks had closed in tight. Arty, Mortars and direct fire from Sherman’s peppered and pounded the Germans. The Canadians fire again and again overrunning the German Paks who were just setting up. “So much for the PAKs.. I’m so sick of this shit”…”Shut up and shoot your gun! The two men grinned at each other.

“Fix bayonets came the order.”…Shit thought Johann… this is it. He looked at Klaus and the rest of the MG crew. They were so calm. Han’s hands shook, as he attached the bayonet to its slot.

He was low on ammo, these bastards would not stop. IF he surrendered would they kill him? Or could he survive this war in a camp?


The Scots let out a roar and charged in spraying fire, sharing death freely, and pound the Germans.

The Krauts are stunned at the ferocity of the attack.

Bren carriers, keep everyones heads down, and the Scots rush the German troops again. The combined fire eviscerates the Germans. Losses mount and men begin to surrender.
The German command is at a loss. “Gehen Sie die Gefahr aus”

Is the only command he can give. Before being totally overrun.

“Danger close fire execute!!!”

The ballsy attack of the Canadians used smoke effectively early on. But as the battle wore on, communications wore down and smoke was misplaced. The German command unleashed a salvo of fire that caught the Canadian Scots in the open on the move.

Johann died from the German shelling. Klaus & Sven while covered in debris and Johanns blood..were fine. They took Hans white flag. Held it high on a section of window frame, and advanced to their first hot meal in a long time.

The rest of the Germans were splattered to hell and back by all sides arty fire.

This did not save the village, but exacted a toll that would place the Scots off the front line for some time. A bitter draw for the Canadians.


3 thoughts on “Canadian Crucible

  1. Playing the campaign at the moment but finding it tough solitaire. Struggling to get my head around the complexities of the Op Sheets so making up my own options for these. In my game Norrey held out but at a cost to the Canadians with only two platoons of C Coy intact plus one ATGun still in control. I/26 survivors heading back to failure points. New attack planned over next couple of turns that will probably overwhelm the Canadians. In Putot II/26 being made to suffer by the RWR but are in control of the southern edge of the village while RWR control the north end. C Coy is waiting on its OpSheet implementing then it will cause the RWR in the village to retire northwards into reserve. Maybe I should wait until the full CS battalion are available as reinforcements then add C Coy to their sheet as this would be a better swop for the RWR, any opinions?

      • Tough call, this game can go either way. A lot of it is maneuver, which is hard when you are playing solitaire (to outguess the opponent). It’s a struggle to gain local superiority wherever possible but that is the key to this game IMHO. Solitaire will help you try some ideas out to see how they play, and that’s great.

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