C3i Treasure Trove Unearthed!

Well you know me…well maybe you don’t.

So suffice to say that as I was trolling thru the C3i magazines to ensure I had ALL the bits and extras for Combat Commander….Yeah. Did I not tell you folks?

I recanted. Caved. Relented. Relapsed. I have just reacquired all of my recently sold (2012) Combat Commander modules for Europe.

After playing 4 face to face battles I love it! So who wants to play?… but I digress.2014-05-28 07.54.24

I kept finding cool new things to read and play! What an enormous distraction. it almost blew me off the rails yesterday. I started casting about looking for space to set up ‘quick games’ of Soviet Dawn, Lonato and Drive on Metz! I would settle in and start reading strategy articles on titles I now own. Grabbing the box, pulling out maps – “NO! I have to do some darn work today”I kept telling myself.

“It wont take long I told myself! Truly, you can cycle back to your ‘major’ games being experienced easily.” STOP!!!

Lets look at some of what I found.

First up all the goodies for Next War Korea! then articles and items for Asia Engulfed all recent additions to my GMT horde.

2014-05-27 18.23.02


Then since my uber inexpensive bulk acquisition of all of Ben Hulls  fabulous  Musket & Pike system I can now play this little gem at some time! 2014-05-27 12.39.13A great article on Hellenes and more counters and errata stuff for my newly acquired Battle for Normandy!
2014-05-27 15.27.53The older system to Jours de Glorie- Triumph and Glory clocks in at a light 18 pages and we will mess with this a little to see if we can glean more insights regarding Napoleonic systems!
2014-05-27 12.12.56

So now we await the arrival of all the Combat Commander goodies. With scans of all the scenarios in place, the extra map and all the counters we are ready to indoctrinate the kids into CC this summer!

2014-05-28 09.27.50

Yes, my evil plan for them is – Combat Commander. I am going to insist on a game a week minimum, with a goal of having them playing together without me with ENTHUSIASM weekly by summers end!!

A trove indeed!

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