C3i #30..wow..

Just arrived! C3i #30 replete with a huge selection of COIN articles, new scenarios for Op Dauntless, Triumph & Tragedy, GBOH and more. All that and interviews, charts play aids and a mini game with a maximum (32 pages) rule book from the man himself # Mark Herman!

Game images:


Interviews with gamer / movie producers / articles by Volko Ruhnke, Herman writes a great piece on how he considers victory conditions in games and there are a plethora of strategy guides, a play through of Silver Bayonet ….phew. Thats about half the magazine.

Excellent production yet again by Rodger.


2 thoughts on “C3i #30..wow..

  1. Yes, all other wargame magazines please take note… this is an outstanding production (not to mention a great way to ring in the new year).


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