C3i # 28 Cover!

Need I say more?
A bumper issue by the looks of it.
I’ll share a look through as soon as it hits my desk!

7 thoughts on “C3i # 28 Cover!

  1. C3i #28 is due in February — 13 months since the last issue! This isn’t even an annual magazine anymore.

    • Mark, thats a good point it does seem to talk a long time to cycle editions. I however think that the magazine has gotten stronger over time rather than weaker. Based on the content list I think we might see one of the biggest issues ever! If they can get this back to an annual effort it would be awesome, since GMT is pushing so much content out it would be nice to see errata counters, updates, and extras more frequently.

      • Biggest doesn’t mean better. Unless you have most/all of the games in the magazine, much of the (greater amount of ) content will be wasted on you. As I mention above, I want the ECA content but now that i think about it, $20 is getting steep, might be easier try and get counters via a BGG request/trade. Would be nice to get counters/extras more frequently and cheaply. I realize GMT has to make a profit on it, but maybe they could post a scan of the new counters for DIYers. Avalon Hill used to do that much of the time in the General for smaller amounts of counters, while selling expansion kits for larger offerings (such as Panzer Leader 1940 and Coral Sea/Guadacanal Midway variant).

        • really good point.
          This edition is 62 pages plus inserts.
          They have most readers by the S&C’s as they are generally fan boys. I like it for the GboH and Combat Commander content.
          Some of the industry insider stuff is a bit much. I wonder if the creation of the blog has restricted the available content or begun to make the magazine less relevant?

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