C3i #27

Another big edition of C3i. Loads of inserts, a full CDG title Red Dawn , which is a State of Siege Series game from VPG , and a plethora of counters.


The game is 9 pages of rules including designer notes, it is designed by Darin Leviloff, interestingly Ted Racier also has an article about Reds in the magazine too. This edition has somehow all of the usual GMT suspects but also a massive amount of information on not often heard of GMT titles.  It clocks in at 64 pages plus inserts.

Jim Day provides a link 2 scenario mini campaign similar to the Battle for Brody from original titles. Top of my list to play!2014-01-10 17.12.40

Then we have updated and clarified charts of Next War: Korea a sure fire help for me when I play this later this year. these charts go with the 2 page article about the streamlined Air combat and sequence of play.  Oh… and a new scenario also! Collapse..sounds ominous.2014-01-10 17.12.25

Two more scenarios on the Eastern Front for Combat Commander. One featuring Italian forces featured in the Little Saturn Operation during Operation Uranus. Mark Beutow’s insanely impressive chronological play of all the CC scenarios  is discussed by Mark it is a fine read.2014-01-10 17.11.55

No C3i is complete without at least one GBoH scenario. This appears to be a new battle of Dertosa or perhaps a different version done by Dan Fournie and I look forward to reading in detail his 4 page exploration!2014-01-10 17.11.43

Finally the counters. These are all well cut and graphics are offset just fine. Phew! I know a couple of folks had some issues with theirs.

2014-01-10 17.11.26

Inside the magazine Mark Herman spends some time talking about Fog of War. I must say Marks article is the first one I read in this magazine in Clios Corner. He also features with Volko  in a roundtable discussion about Fire in the Lake the latest COIN title.

An 11 page article on Empire of the Sun. Yes more strategy for that game. Amazing that after all this time it is still being written about in such depth.

Terry Simo has a scenario design for Bloody April,  an article on Jack Greene is there, a module for No Retreat!, Rebel Raiders receives lots of love…phew, I’m off to read.

Separate coverage on the game coming soon.

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